Flexibility, autonomy, work that fits around your life, and the scope to grow your revenue how and when you choose – these are the reasons why our self-employed FULFILBOX™ associates love doing what they do.

We have a variety of options to suit all kinds of people. From owners of cars to those with 3.5 tonne vans willing to invest in meeting FULFILBOX™'s branding and security requirements.

If you have your own van or car it goes without saying that your vehicle will need to be roadworthy. And you’ll need a Nigerian Vehicle or motorbike licence too. So if this sounds like you, Click on the link below to apply.



FULFILBOX™ 3PL Asset Disclaimer

FULFILBOX™ Logistics division operates mainly as a non-asset based 3PL and therefore does not own the assets deployed to manage and implement our outsourcing order fulfilment service and supply chain management activities. Instead, as a non-asset based 3PL FULFILBOX™ offers its expertise in negotiating contracts with storage space facilities, warehouses, Logistics companies and distribution centres in order to manage our client's supply chain at the lowest possible cost to their business. As a non-asset based 3PL we realize that every client has different priorities for their logistics operations, and since we do not need to utilize an inventory of assets to remain profitable, we exhibit a flexibility in supply chain solutions that asset-based 3PLs do not. To achieve our objectives we work closely with 3PLs: storage space facilities, warehouses, trucking companies etc to create a plan that will work best for our clients, but the execution, operational quality control, and customer relationship management will be mainly handled by us. This allows time for our clients to focus on core business goals, while we focus on running their supply chain.


Flexibility is Key When Choosing a 3PL
It is important to remember that when considering a 3PL, you are ultimately evaluating the quality of the relationship that you will be acquiring with a true business partner. The efficiency of your supply chain has a direct effect on the reputation and dependability of your business, and it should not be entrusted to just any provider with a low-ball price. Remember to look for a 3PL that is eager and willing to do things on your terms, as well as keep your supply chain operations transparent and well-supervised, of course, that is where we come in.


We won't force you into a system that does not work for you and your company's needs because we really do not need to, because we are flexible, lean and agile, and can achieve the lowest costs with the highest-quality results for your supply chain. With that in mind, we hope you are well prepared to make an informed decision with your outsourcing solution.