Speed and punctuality are the first priorities for every supply chain operation, hence at FulfilBOX™ 360 Hub, we are creating a network of Express delivery Dispatch Riders to meet the quality of service required to achieve operational excellence.

Operational excellence is a simple concept with complex implications, attempting to consistently do things well across every element of the value chain is clear enough in principle, but it is a moving target. To create and maintain competitive advantage or to reduced competitive disadvantage, successful Businesses must constantly adapt to new situations, as customers discover new needs as they come to expect better quality and lower prices. 

 Hence at FulfilBOX™ 360 Hub, our network of drivers are all experienced professionals, ensuring the highest quality service from time to time. We safely transport your goods anywhere within Lagos, giving you the peace of mind you need while ensuring that your belongings are as safe as possible. Our Dispatch Riders have years of experience and we are ready to tackle your Express Dispatch at an affordable price.


Here are just some of the benefits we can offer:

Save up to 30% - compared with other Express Dispatch companies. 
Ordering your logistics services on FulfilBOX™ 360 Hub can save you up to 30% as compared with acquiring and running your own logistics assets and running operations.


User ratings - As with all are listed services on FulfilBOX™ 360 Hub, our Dispatch Riders and companies are rated and reviewed by previous customers, giving you impartial feedback to inform your decision.

Our friendly team are ready to help you with your needs today. Contact us for a free quote now.






Currently, we are establishing a large databank of candidate profiles with relevant skills, qualifications, and experience in the LOGISTICS & FULFILMENT Sector in Nigeria.

Our HR Team works in close proximity to client’s organisation for developing and implementing customized Recruitment Solutions.

Click on the link below to apply to join a suitable position in our Manpower pool. We can help find jobs for junior to senior level positions.




FULFILBOX™ 3PL Asset Disclaimer

FULFILBOX™ Logistics division operates mainly as a non-asset based 3PL and therefore does not own the assets deployed to manage and implement our outsourcing order fulfilment service and supply chain management activities. Instead, as a non-asset based 3PL FULFILBOX™ offers its expertise in negotiating contracts with storage space facilities, warehouses, Logistics companies and distribution centres in order to manage our client's supply chain at the lowest possible cost to their business. As a non-asset based 3PL we realize that every client has different priorities for their logistics operations, and since we do not need to utilize an inventory of assets to remain profitable, we exhibit a flexibility in supply chain solutions that asset-based 3PLs do not. To achieve our objectives we work closely with 3PLs: storage space facilities, warehouses, trucking companies etc to create a plan that will work best for our clients, but the execution, operational quality control, and customer relationship management will be mainly handled by us. This allows time for our clients to focus on core business goals, while we focus on running their supply chain.